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This is what we hear over and over again from our hundreds of clients over the past decade...

The Placenta Lady story began in Las Vegas in 2005. Since that time, she has heard from literally  hundreds of clients about how much the placenta capsules have helped them. These are just a few ...

The testimonials are real stories, taken directly from our client surveys. The photos are not our clients (to our knowledge)!

“I am extremely pleased with everything. I had bad depression for 6 months after my 1st baby; this time I am 100% confident I won't. This past Sunday night I was having a tough time with my toddler, so I took my pills and definitely noticed a difference! I'm so happy I knew about this with my 2nd baby."

// Madison B.

“Thank you for doing this for my wife. I could always tell when she hadn't had her "happy pills". I am so glad we went ahead with this."

// Bryan V.

“My capsules have been wonderful! With a baby that's not sleeping great, they have definitely helped with my level of energy! Marcie was wonderful and is very educated in this field! And my kitchen was so clean!

/// Jennifer R.

All these people had a great experience with placenta capsules, and recommend us
to their friends.

And have the postpartum recovery

you deserve!

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