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The Placenta Lady Experience


We are the experts in placenta encapsulation. Not only in Las Vegas, but internationally as well. After years of research, working with government regulations, hospitals and Specialists around the world, we have our method down pat. You will not be disappointed!

Before the Birth


Before you deliver, have a conversation with your care provider about your intention to save the placenta. Add your desire to take the placenta home to your birth plan. The Placenta Lady has advocated on your behalf with every hospital, so releasing it to you is no longer an issue.


The placenta should be kept cold after it is born (refrigerated) or frozen if the hospital wants to keep it for observation until you are discharged with your baby.


Call us! We'll schedule a time to come get started, once you are home with the placenta.

What Happens Next


We prefer to begin within 24-72 hours if the placenta is not frozen, or by 4 days postpartum if it is frozen. You are guaranteed to have a session scheduled within 72 hours of contacting us (usually less).


Our process is neat and tidy. We are minimally invasive to your space and completely respectful of your need to bond with your baby. All you have to do is open the door and point us toward the kitchen!


We just need to use your sinks, your stovetop, and some counter space with an outlet. We take care of everything!



What's the Process?


We have a two-day process. If you are interested, we welcome you to watch and ask questions.


The first visit is less than two hours, where we prepare the placenta for the dehydration phase.


Once we get the placenta set up on the professional-grade dehydrator (which we provide), we clean your kitchen to a sparkling shine and leave the placenta to dry.


The next day we return for about an hour to grind the dried placenta and put it into capsules for you (the most common mode of ingestion).


We cover dosing suggestions, capsule care and contraindications at that visit.


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