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Placenta Capsules

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Placenta capsules from goat or deer feature all natural amino acids, hormones and other nutrients that help rejuvenate the body and skin.

The goat version is recommended for acute conditions, the deer version is for chronic or long-term healing and wellness. Both of them have similar properties, preparation, and uses.

Traditional Function
Tonifies Yin Jing, Yang Jing, Blood and Qi*
60 Capsules, 500mg each
Other Ingredients
Vegetarian capsules, Rice powder, Bamboo extract powder, Rice extract blend.
Take 2 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Current research suggests placenta possesses many beauty and health benefits:

  • regulates hormones
  • promotes general health,
  • boosts immune system,
  • improves physical vitality,
  • revitalizes skin cells,
  • promotes anti-aging effects.

New mothers have found that ingesting placenta during the postpartum period helps them avoid the "baby blues", increases their energy and their milk production. If you do not have the chance to use your own baby's placenta after the birth, or you want to continue reaping the benefits of placenta after your own capsules have run out, goat placenta is a viable alternative.

A testimonial from a post-hysterectomy customer, who used these capsules for her menopause-like symptoms:

"I FEEL AMAZING! For anyone experiencing the symptoms of PMS and/or menopause, liberate yourself from the constraints of prescriptions and experience the bliss after taking placenta. In a million years, I would have never considered. But, I have crossed over to believer. Within hours of first dosage, my body was at peace, I had no irritability or dis-comfort. I give gratitude to the sheep in New Zealand for their placentas, to the angels for timing it perfectly for Jodi to be at my office and guiding me to ask if she could help. If you would like more testimonial, please message me. Hooray!" ~ Amy

Read about using placenta capsules for postpartum recovery at Placenta

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