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Meet The Placenta Lady

The original Placenta Encapsulation Specialist®, serving all of the Las Vegas valley, Boulder City, and Pahrump. All of our Placenta Ladies have been personally trained by Jodi Selander, the international expert in placenta encapsulation services.


We are the only placenta preparers in Southern Nevada who work within Southern Nevada Health District guidelines, and the only organization in the world who has their Standard Operating Procedures on file with both the FDA in the US  and the FSA in the UK.

Jodi Selander - The Original Placenta Lady

Jodi has been working with postpartum women since 2006. She is the Director of Placenta Benefits, an informational resource and training organization dedicated to natural postpartum recovery. She launched the first training course for placenta professionals in 2007.

Jodi has published numerous articles on postpartum wellness, including peer-reviewed research articles on human maternal placentophagy. She is a member of the Placentophagy Research Team at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is also the author of The Postpartum Survival Guide, a guidebook for parents.

Jodi is a regular speaker at conferences on the subject of postpartum and placentophagy, and teaches classes for parents and care providers. She  lives in Las Vegas with her wife and three daughters.

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