We offer top quality, professional placenta preparation.
The preparation of the placenta for postpartum recovery is a process we take very seriously.
We abide by the rules and regulations of the Southern Nevada Health District. They will not license the preparation of placenta for ingestion in any facility, so we go to our clients! Our services are offered in your home, so you know exactly how it is being handled at all times.
Placenta Capsules by the Las Vegas Placenta Lady
Placenta Capsules
2 Day, In-Home Service
Just open the door & point us toward the kitchen!
We come to your home after your baby is born, and prepare the placenta according to our proprietary method. We are there for less than 2 hours each time.
You can watch exactly what we're doing the whole time, or you don't even have to see us at all!
Umbilical Cord Keepsake
Beautifully Preserved
We wrap and dry your baby's umbilical cord, and present it to you with a satin pouch. This is always included in our services, at no additional charge. These can be saved in your baby's keepsake box along with their first lock of hair and first lost tooth!
Placenta Capsules and umbilical cord heart made by the Las Vegas Placenta Lady
Mother's Broth
Invigorating Nourishment

Concerned about having to wait for your capsules to be ready? We can provide you with a nourishing, warming boost that will replenish your system immediately.

Included upon request at no additional charge.

Las Vegas Placenta Capsules
Artistic Placenta Prints


We can create a custom art print of the baby's placenta, suitable for framing.

You can choose from a natural print ($25) or one colored with food-safe dyes, as pictured ($50). You can choose the color palette you prefer. Expect us to be there an extra 20-45 minutes making the print.

Las Vegas Placenta Capsules and Placenta Prints
Las Vegas Placenta Capsules and Placenta Prints
Placenta Products
Tinctures, Salves & Body Butters


We also provide specialty items such as Tinctures and body products, made with your own placenta after we have dehydrated it.

Breastfeeding Support
Support for Success


Jollina Simpson is one of the few IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) in this area. At a special package price, she will stay for a full lactation consultation after she finishes with the placenta to help you get started on a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby. The consultation includes followup phone support.

Las Vegas Placenta Lady - Breastfeeding Package
Newborn Photography
Newborn Portraits by Calamity Jane Photography


Jodi Selander has been studying photography since 2011. She would love to have the chance to capture those precious first images of your baby. You can set a time to come to our portrait studio, or we can set a time to create beautiful images in your home. Newborn portraits should be taken around 10 days of age.
View samples of her work at Calamity Jane Photography.

Click for photo gallery

Postpartum Doula
Full Postpartum Support


We are pleased to offer postpartum doula care. If you would like the support that "mothering the mother" provides, a postpartum doula will be a welcome addition to your postpartum recovery experience.

Las Vegas Placenta Lady - Postpartum Doulas
Las Vegas Placenta Lady - Belly Binding and Sacred Postpartum
Belly Binding
Bengkung Belly Binding


Bengkung is a traditional Malaysian belly binding method. This belly binding technique uses a long strip of cloth, wrapped securely around the abdomen from the hips to the rib cage.  Women are traditionally wrapped soon after birth, and the bind can be worn daily for the first 40 days postpartum, or longer as needed. Belly binding is used to support the healing process from birth. 

Las Vegas Placenta Lady - Belly Binding and Sacred Postpartum
Sacred Postpartum
Sacred Sealing Ceremony

We understand that the postpartum period is a time of important transition in a mother's life. To honor this transition, you can choose to have a Mother Roasting ceremony. It includes a personalized ceremony which pampers the mother, allowing her the space to process her birth experience. It includes a sacred milk or rose bath, and a "mother roasting" with warming herbs. Birth is all about opening up; the Sealing Ceremony is about helping the body close again and heal. 

You will get an entire Placenta Lady postpartum experience!

Tel : 702.947.0879

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